Dry autumn days

Standing in the hot street under the wild peach (Kiggelaria) and the municipal manager says that if it doesn’t rain next week, there will be water restrictions imposed, municipal water cut and we’ll all be queuing up for water trucks arriving from Cape Town. Sifuna amanzi. We need water. Trying not to think about the lush green golf course over the hill, the same-old structural inequalities, impambano, madness. It is almost May though and sooner or later the winter rains will come.

Rumours on Zimbabwean Twitter and WhatsApp that missing  activist Itai Dzamara’s body has been found at a farm in Mazowe in an advanced state of decomposition…Dzamara was killed 35days ago, he had fractured skull, fractured spinal and broken ribs. Will there be any official confirmation?


In Pretoria, the first assisted-dying case in South Africa goes ahead. Robin Stransham-Ford‚ 65‚ is dying of terminal prostate cancer and has urgently asked the court to allow him to end his life‚ arguing he will otherwise die an undignified death. The advocate from Cape Town says he has only weeks left to live and is on morphine for pain which causes him to become confused and sedated.

Photographer David Goldblatt in the Mail & Guardian

Goldblatt’s new photographs show pavements ripped up by copper-wire thieves, RDP houses, mosaic cows in Doornfontein, women’s monuments, memorials to children and miners.

“Each piece, if it was seriously made, has its own validity. And I think it’s very important to take cognisance of that validity if you like, or of what lies behind it and to respect it as the effort of somebody, somewhere, sometime to express that. And to grasp its meaning in the broader scheme of things.”



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