Jottings from daily unquotidian life

Hermanus Hemingways Favourite local bookshop, Hemingway’s in Hermanus, great on Africana and contemporary fiction. Replaced a mislaid copy of Amitav Ghosh’s The Sea of Poppies.


“How was it that no one had ever told her that it was not love itself, but its treacherous gatekeepers which made the greatest demands on your courage: the panic of acknowledging it; the terror of declaring it; the fear of being rebuffed? Why had no one told her that love’s twin was not hate but cowardice?”


Eileen A Joy,  A Garden of Wandering


So,  power  has  left  the  streets  and  buildings  and  become  nomadic  (and  maybe even  post-­-human),  and  we—the  critics?  the  interpreters?—may  also  need  to  depart, to  disappear  into  the  ether,  while  also  squatting  in  the  abandoned  real  estate  (such as  the  University ),  in  order  to  engage  in  tactical  maneuvers  that  would  not  amount to  critique  as  much  as  to  creative  intervention,  even  creative  scrambling,  of  the  sort discussed  by  Rita  Raley  in  her  book  Tactical  Media.  Here,  criticism  would  become (or  morph  into)  tactical  disruptions  of  ‘dominant  semiotic  regimes’  as  well  as  ‘the temporary  creation  of  a  situation  in  which  signs,  messages,  and  narratives  are  set into  play  and  critical  thinking  becomes  possible’—especially  important  in  a  post-­- industrial  era  where  the  ‘field  of  the  symbolic’  has  become  a  ‘primary  site  of  power’


Artist Roger Ballen (Outland) in Kyoto


Roger Ballen in Kyoto


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