Mozambique in recall

The taxi driver in Beira a fabulist. His sister-in-law a frog more beautiful than the lizard, joking in reference to the old folk tale.

A rã poderia ser tão bonita como o lagarto se ela quisesse ouvir!

Mia Couto, from a Paris Review interview


In the popular press, your writing is commonly labeled as “magical realist.”


I don’t grant any importance to those kinds of classifications, since they weren’t created by writers. Moreover, I have serious doubts that they describe African writing, since they come from elsewhere. For an African writer it would be very difficult to think of realism and magic as two pillars of the same concept, because the way we feel and think results from the permanent crossing of those frontiers. This desire of crossing borders between categories is not particular to Africa. It is our common desire as human beings. 


Looking at urban decay through the eyes of Guy Tillim


Beira Guy Tillim


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