risky, immersive, humbling

From Julie Heffernan in Bookslut:

Simply that hard work, a relationship to the subconscious, and the kind of rigorous self-criticality that you must bring to intuitive experience to keep it from becoming cloying or fantastic (the stuff of fantasy, I mean) will — must really — add up to something worthwhile in the end. It may not be wild fame, but it will certainly be a rich life both internally and within your love circle, because you will be participating in life in a deeply satisfying way, and in a way that enriches your community too.

Finally, making things is simply good for you. It knits parts of the brain together that otherwise would stay unconnected. It is risky and immersive and humbling all at the same time.


Irma Stern, her paintings now selling for millions. I used to walk around her  house in Rosebank and  look for  empty spaces without artworks hung or  furnishings or ornament, wanting permission to breathe.


Irma Stern


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